Palladium Alloys and Beryllium-Copper Probe Needles












Palladium Alloy and Beryllium-Copper Probe Needles

Palladium alloys and beryllium-copper probe needles provide a "softer" alternative to traditional tungsten and tungsten-rhenium pins in wafer sort.  These materials are also optimal for use in LCD Probes and LED probes

Silver plated beryllium-copper probe needles

Silver plated beryllium-copper probe needles are a cost-efficient another, less expensive choice for applications where good conductivity and low pad damage are important. APS produces the highest quality beryllium-copper probe needles with either sharp tips or radius tips in diameters from .004" - .030".  Beryllium-copper probe needles in .020” diameter are an excellent, cost-efficient choice for LED probes or LCD probes.

APS is renowned throughout the industry for producing BC probe needles of the highest quality. Click here to learn more about the material properties of beryllium-copper and Paliney 7®.

Paliney 7® Probe Needles

Paliney 7® is the perfect choice for wafer sort applications where minimizing pad damage is essential. Paliney 7® is an optimal choice for wafer test on gold pads where minimal pad damage on the soft pad surface is critical.  Paliney 7® in .020” diameter Is also  an excellent and frequently used choice in LCD probes and LED probes used in test situations.

APS's extensive experience with Paliney 7® and other palladium alloys makes it the optimal choice for customer's requiring probe needles in this material with either a sharp or radius tip. APS produces probe needles in Paliney 7® in diameters from .003" to .020".  APS’s extensive experience with this material allows reworking of Paliney 7® parts in .020" diameters originally produced by APS.  This cost efficient option reduces the cost of testing with LED probes and LCD probes over the long term.


H3C® Palladium Alloy

APS can now offer customers H3C®, a palladium alloy with better conductivity than Paliney 7® in diameters of .003” and .004” for cantilever applications.  Originally developed for cobra applications, the H3C® alloy offers higher conductivity with all of the advantages of traditional palladium alloys in cantilever test applications.

Cantilever, LCD, and LED Testing Probe Needles

APS’s extensive experience with palladium alloy probe needles makes it the industry leader in the production of palladium alloy for use with cantilever probe needles, LCD probes, LED probes used in testing situations.

Note: Paliney 7® and H3C® are registered trademarks of the Deringer-Ney Company

Palladium and Beryllum-Copper Pins

The APS Probe Advantage

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Palladium Alloy &
Palladium Allo & Berillium-Copper Pins
Pins in these materials are provided in diameters from .003"-.020” and are suitable for a variety of test and industrial applications.
Wafer Sort
and Testing
Wafer Sort and Wafer Test
Advanced Probing Systems manufactures probes suitable for cantilever wafer test.
Solid Pins in .020"
Diameters or Larger
Large Diameter Pins
APS’s capabilities to produce pins in diameters of .020” or larger for a variety of test and industrial applications.
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