Advanced Probing Systems’ Probe Needle Capabilities

APS will provide you with the most cost-efficient probe needles to satisfy the most demanding requirements. Pins will be produced using the optimal combination of electro-chemical machining and plating.

APS can provide design assistance in selecting the combination of techniques most appropriate for the material, the wire diameter and the application requirements.

Probe Needle Materials

APS produces tungsten pins, tungsten-rhenium pins, beryllium-copper pins, palladium alloy pins, NewTek™ pins and a variety of stainless steel alloy pins.

Probe Needle Packaging

APS provides a variety of packaging options designed to minimize damage during transit and to facilitate the use of various types of pins. Depending on the diameter of the wire and the type of pin, packaging options include: foam, "blue pack" (APS's card packaging option), gelpacks, plastic boxes, vials, and a variety of other customer specific options.

Pin Quality Assurance

All orders are subject to stringent in-process quality assurance procedures. APS tracks all facets of probe production and maintains SPC data for a minimum of one year. Put APS's resources to work for you. Call today for a consultation or a price quote.


The APS Probe Needle Advantage...

  • Cost-efficient Pin Designs
  • Capacity
  • Probe Needle Design Support