Wire Probe Needles Materials and Pin Diameters

APS produces probe needles in a variety of metals, diameters and lengths including:

Tungsten pins in diameters from 0.0015″ – .040″
Tungsten-rhenium pins in diameters from .003″ – .012″
Paliney 7® pins in diameters from .003″ – .020″
Beryllium-copper pins in diameters from .004″ – .030″
NewTek™ pins in diameters from .0025″ – .020″
H3C® pins in diameters of .003”-.004”
A variety of probe needles in stainless steel alloys

Probe Needle Materials can be special ordered in diameters not specified.

Tungsten pins and tungsten-rhenium pins can be provided with either nickel plating or silver plating. Beryllium-copper pins are supplied with a silver plating coating.

Click here for information regarding various material properties.

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