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  • Maximizing the Performance of An Atypical Cantilever Probe Wire Material
  • Low and Stable Contact Resistance with Reduced Cleaning, a Paradigm Shift (Request printed copy of this report)
  • Understanding Probe-Contact a-Spot Oxidation During Elevated-Temperature Wafer Test (Request printed copy of this report)
  • Probe Contact Resistance Variations during Elevated Temperature Wafer Test – Copies are available at (Membership and a small fee are required to access article).
  • -- The IEEE Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop (SW Test Workshop) is the only IEEE Components, Packaging, Manufacturing Technology (CPMT) Society event that focuses on all the aspects associated with microelectronic wafer and die level testing. This site provides access to the technical proceedings from prior year conferences.
  • – Parametric Probe Technology provides coax probe needles for low current testing.  These probes achieve probe insulation resistance >1e15Ohms (Guard driven).
  • – If you need assistance converting microns or millimeters to mils, the measurement used by Advanced Probing Systems, Inc. this site will help.