NewTek™ Probe Needles

NewTek™ is available only from Advanced Probing Systems

NewTek™ is Advanced Probing Systems, Inc.’s proprietary, non-oxidizing probe needle material.  The properties of NTK allow it to maintain low and stable contact resistance during wafer testing with minimal cleaning even at high temperatures. NewTek probe needles have been successfully used in low-K testing, to test pads with thin aluminum over copper, in test situations where multiple touchdowns are required as well as numerous other test applications. NewTek probe needles may be the optimal choice in situations where minimal pad damage is essential.

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NewTek probe needles are available in standard pin diameters and lengths used in as well as in the nanotechnologyer diameters more typical of buckling beam vertical technologies.

NewTek™ Probe Needles is available in .020″ diameter pins.

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NewTek™ Probe Needles Wafer Sort

  • low and stable contact resistance
  • non-oxidizing pin
  • minimal pad damage
  • high temperature test
  • cantilever test applications