Paliney 7® Probe Needles

Paliney 7® is the perfect choice for wafer sort applications where minimizing pad damage is essential. Paliney 7® is an optimal choice for wafer test on gold pads where minimal pad damage on the soft pad surface is critical. Paliney 7® in .020” diameter Is also an excellent and frequently used choice in LCD probes and LED probes used in test situations.


APS’s extensive experience with Paliney 7® and other palladium alloys makes it the optimal choice for customer’s requiring probe needles in this material with either a sharp or radius tip. APS produces probe needles in Paliney 7® in diameters from .003″ to .020″. APS’s extensive experience with this material allows reworking of Paliney 7® parts in .020″ diameters originally produced by APS. This cost efficient option reduces the cost of testing with LED probes and LCD probes over the long term.