Solid Pins, 0.20″ and Larger

APS produces electro-chemically machined pins in diameters between .020″-.040″ in a variety of materials for use in various applications.  These “large diameter pins” are used in various medical applications, industrial applications, board testing, LED & LCD test and as components in small tools.  APS’s design services can help you select the optimal material from tungsten, beryllium-copper, Paliney 7® or various stainless steel alloys or work with the material of your choice.  Pins can be produced with either a sharp or radius (rounded) tip.  Tapers can be highly polished, slightly polished, matte or neutral in finish.


APS has extensive experience with medical industry requirements and audits. All orders are produced under APS’s stringent quality assurance procedures.  Recording and tracking procedures are geared to stringent requirements of the medical industry.

Pin Applications

APS produces pins in diameters between .015 – .040″ for use in a variety of applications such as:

  • Pins for Medical electrodes
  • Spotting pin blanks
  • Pins as Ion emitters
  • Pins for small or miniaturized tools
  • Nano-technology applications
  • LED testing
  • LCD testing
  • A variety of other, specialized industrial applications

Call or contact APS today to discuss your specific pin or needle applications.

Advanced Probing Systems Advantages Include

  • In-process SPC Tracking
  • Experienced medical supplier

Pin Specifications

Probe Materials – Tungsten, Stainless Steel Alloys

Pin Wire Diameters – .015″ – .040″

Probe Tip Shapes – Sharp tips and Radius tips

Probe Finish – Natural, Matte, Polish

Based on customer specifications and tolerances.
All pins have solid tips.